"Lunar V2" Custom Bulb Complete Gloveset
"Lunar V2" Custom Bulb Complete Gloveset
"Lunar V2" Custom Bulb Complete Gloveset

"Lunar V2" Custom Bulb Complete Gloveset

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Step into a mystical world with our Lunar Festival LED Glove set. Featuring warm white, dark red, and purple LED lights, our glove set adds a touch of enchantment to your light show. Shop now and mesmerize your audience with our high-quality LED glove set.

The "Lunar V2" Festival LED Glove Set has unique and beautiful aesthetics. Dedicated color diodes means clean, crisp colors and no muddied RGB color mixing.

This LED glove set is simple and easy to use. No programming is required and comes assembled and ready to go, out of the box.

8 Flashing Patterns + Conjuring Mode

Normal Mode

Flashing Pattern 1 Full power
Warm White / Dark Red / Purple
Flashing Pattern 2 True 2-color strobe
Warm White / Dark Red
Flashing Pattern 3 1-color strobe  Warm White
Flashing Pattern 4 Luce Dash-Dot-Dot Warm White / Dark Red
Flashing Pattern 5 Emissive 1-color strobe Warm White
Flashing Pattern 6 Kevo hyper flash Warm White / Dark Red / Purple
Flashing Pattern 7 Bit-blink 1 Warm White
Flashing Pattern 8 Bit-blink 2 Warm White / Dark Red


Conjuring Mode

Flashing Pattern  Full power
Warm White / Dark Red / Purple


To switch from Normal Mode to Conjuring Mode and vice versa, while the chip is off, hold down the button until the light flashes.